a completely FLOSS map stack
VersaTiles aims to be a completely FLOSS stack for generating, distributing and using map tiles based on OpenStreetMap data, free of any commercial interests.

We make use of permissively licensed open source software, data, schemes and styles, such as tilemaker, Geofabrik Shortbread and MapLibre.


VersaTiles lets you use OpenStreetMap based vector tiles, without any restrictions, locked-in paid services or attribution requirements beyond OpenStreetMap. You can use the freely downloadable tilesets from VersaTiles on your own infrastrure, in any way you like. Our open spec, royalty free and permissively licensed conatainer format works with virtually any webserver or CDN — with no requirement to pay unreasonable prices for "Tiles-as-a-Service".

Explore the map

If you want to see for yourself what's possible with Versatiles, check out our demo map here.

Try the map

Get the Code

The whole stack of Versatiles Specifications, Styles and Software is Open Source and Open Data and available at Github


Hack the Planet

You can get a Versatiles Container with Vectortiles in Shortbread Scheme for the whole planet with zoom levels from 0 to 14.

Download Torrent


If you can afford to donate money, please support OpenStreetMap. They are the real MVPs and can make better use of money than we can.

OSM Foundation